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Title: Section 15.8 - Toilets, privies

Effective Date


Section 15.8 Toilets, privies.

(a) General requirements. Toilet facilities shall be provided. These facilities shall be conveniently located, constructed of cleanable materials, and maintained in a sanitary condition and in good repair. Toilet facilities for groups of people consisting of both sexes, except those in individual dwelling units, or those shared by not more than two family groups, shall be so arranged that the facilities are separate for each sex. Toilet facilities shall be accessible without having to pass through any sleeping room.

(b) Location, construction. Toilet facilities for all new construction and/or renovation construction shall consist of flush toilets. Existing sanitary privies can be used until October 1, 1999, provided that all of the following conditions are met: location is such that it does not cause pollution of any water supply source or surface water; facilities are adequate in number and type for the camp occupancy; adequate insect and vermin-proofing (screening, self-closing doors, etc.) is provided and maintained; toilet seats and lids are provided and maintained; adequate lighting is provided; adequate ventilation is provided for both the pit and privy enclosure; and, facilities are maintained in sanitary condition and good repair. All privies shall be replaced with flush toilets on or before October 1, 1999.

(c) Minimum standard; prohibitions. There shall be at least the following: one toilet or privy seat for each 15 occupants or fraction thereof for each sex. Urinals shall be provided at the rate of one urinal for each 30 men or fraction thereof in the camp, and may be substituted for up to a maximum of one-third of the required toilets, or additional flush toilets may be provided in place of required urinals. In determining the required number of toilets for men and women, family groups which have toilet facilities in their own dwelling unit shall not be counted. Urinals shall not be required in toilet facilities within a dwelling unit. The required toilet facilities shall be within 200 feet of each sleeping room. No flush toilet fixture or urinal shall be in a sleeping room. No privy shall be within 50 feet of any sleeping room, dining room, mess hall or cooking area. When multiple toilets or privy seats are located in a common room or space, privacy enclosures shll be provided.

(1) All housing constructed after May 1, 1997, shall have urinals provided at the rate of one for each 25 men, or fraction thereof, in the housing facility.


VOLUME A (Title 10)