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Title: Section 15.9 - Sewerage

Effective Date


15.9 Sewerage.

(a) General requirements. Facilities shall be provided and maintained for the satisfactory disposal or treatment and disposal of sewage.

(b) Submission of plans. A plan for proposed new or modified sewage treatment facilities shall be submitted to the permit-issuing official at least 30 days prior to beginning construction.

(c) Plan approval and construction. A permit or written approval for the sewage system plans shall be obtained from the permit-issuing official or the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. No construction of new or modified sewage treatment facilities shall be commenced until such permit or written approval has been received by the permittee. Construction shall be in accordance with the approved plans.

(d) Inadequately treated sewage. The presence of inadequately treated sewage on the surface of the ground shall not be allowed. Any discharge occurring in an area frequented by the camp occupants, or which contaminates food service areas, or results in contamination of a potable water supply is an imminent hazard which requires immediate correction.


VOLUME A (Title 10)