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Title: Section 16.0 - Introductory note

Effective Date


Section 16.0 Introductory note. This Part applies to all radiation equipment and radioactive material within the jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Health. Sections of this part set forth under the heading "General Provisions" (sections 16.1-16.26) contain provisions applicable to radiation equipment operators and persons in possession of radioactive materials, including general radiation protection requirements. Sections of this Part set forth under the heading "Radiation Equipment" (sections 16.50-16.63) contain the registration provisions for radiation equipment and general and additional radiation protection requirements applicable only to specific radiation equipment. Sections of this Part set forth under the heading "Licensing of Radioactive Materials" (sections 16.100-16.123) contain the licensing provisions for radioactive materials, i.e., byproduct material, source material, special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form a critical mass, naturally occurring radioactive materials, and accelerator-produced radioactive material.* Section 16.130, "Radon testing and reporting", contains provisions applicable to firms performing radon measurements in NY State. Section 16.200, "Material incorporated by reference", provides a list of Federal rules and regulations also related to the regulation of ionizing radiation.

__________ *FOOTNOTE: All discharges of wastes to the environment are subject to the provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law with particular reference to article 17 (water pollution control), article 19 (air pollution control) and article 27 (collection, treatment and disposal of refuse and other solid waste) thereof, and to all pertinent rules and regulations of the State Department of Environmental Conservation, including its permit requirements. __________


VOLUME A (Title 10)