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Title: Section 16.102 - Applications for specific licenses

16.102 Applications for specific licenses.

(a) An application for a license for any radioactive material shall be filed in triplicate on, and shall contain completely and accurately all information called for by, a written form prescribed by the department. The application may incorporate by clear and specific reference information contained in any previous application, supplementary statement, notification or report filed with the department.

(b) At any time subsequent to the filing of an application for a license and before the termination of a license issued in response thereto, the department may require the applicant to submit one or more supplementary statements containing additional information to enable the department to determine whether such application should be approved or denied, or whether a previously issued license should be amended, suspended or revoked.

(c) Each application or supplementary statement shall be signed by either the applicant personally or a person duly authorized by the applicant to sign for and on the applicant's behalf.

(d) A single application may apply for more than one license or for a license covering more than one radioactive material.


VOLUME A (Title 10)