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Title: Section 170.3 - Definitions

170.3 Definitions. As used in this Part, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

(a) Potable water means water suitable for drinking, culinary or food processing purposes.

(b) Protected from contamination includes, in addition to responsibility for the prevention of contamination, responsibility for the reservation, surveillance, storage, diversion, collection, treatment, processing, distribution and use of water for domestic and municipal purposes.

(c) Source of water supply means any ground water, aquifer, surface water body or water course from which by any means water is regularly taken either periodically or continuously for drinking, culinary or food processing purposes or which has been classified for present or future public beneficial use as a source for domestic or municipal purposes.

(d) Contamination means any substance or characteristic which will make the water unsuitable or unsafe including a constituent or characteristic in an amount exceeding the allowable limits therefor hereinafter set forth.


VOLUME B (Title 10)