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Title: Section 300.2 - Establishing the SHIN-NY

Effective Date


Section 300.2 Establishing the SHIN-NY. The New York State Department of Health shall:

(a) Oversee the implementation and ongoing operation of the SHIN-NY.

(b) Implement the infrastructure and services to support the private and secure exchange of health information among qualified entities and qualified entity participants.

(c) Administer the statewide collaboration process and facilitate the development, regular review and update of SHIN-NY policy guidance.

(d) Perform regular audits, either directly or through contract, of qualified entity functions and activities as necessary to ensure the quality, security and confidentiality of data in the SHIN-NY.

(e) Provide technical services, either directly or through contract, to ensure the quality, security and confidentiality of data in the SHIN-NY.

(f) Assess qualified entity participation in the SHIN-NY and, if necessary, suspend a qualified entity’s access to or use of the SHIN-NY, when it reasonably determines that the qualified entity has created, or is likely to create, an immediate threat of irreparable harm to the SHIN-NY, to any person accessing or using the SHIN-NY, or to any person whose information is accessed or transmitted through the SHIN-NY.

(g) Publish reports on health care provider participation and usage, system performance, data quality, the qualified entity certification process, and SHIN-NY security.

(h) Take such other actions as may be needed to promote development of the SHIN-NY.


VOLUME C (Title 10)