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Title: Section 339.11 - Fees.

339.11 Fees. (a) Unless otherwise prescribed by statute, there shall be no fee charged for:

(1) inspection of records;

(2) search for records; or

(3) any certification pursuant to this Part.

(b) Unless otherwise prescribed by statute or subdivision (c) of this section, copies of records shall be provided:

(1) at a rate of 25 cents per photocopy up to 9 x 14 inches; or

(2) upon payment of the actual cost of reproduction, if the record or personal information cannot be photocopied. The actual cost of reproduction shall be based upon the average unit cost for copying a record, excluding fixed costs of the department, such as operator salaries and overhead.

(c) There shall be no fee for providing copies of records when the data subject is a person applying for or receiving public assistance or care or food stamp assistance.


VOLUME A (Title 18)