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Title: Section 348.5 - Records required to be maintained.

348.5 Records required to be maintained. Each local social services department shall keep a record of all cases referred to the designated person or unit for review, which record shall include:

(a) the names, case number and other identifying information;

(b) a brief description of the facts constituting the grounds for suspecting fraud;

(c) the estimated amount of overpayment;

(d) the duration of such overpayment;

(e) whether the case was referred to the appropriate district attorney or other prosecuting official:

(1) if a case is not referred, the reasons for such action shall be stated;

(2) if a case is referred, the record shall include:

(i) date of such referral;

(ii) disposition of such referral; and

(iii) the amount of any sum of money recovered.


VOLUME A (Title 18)