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Title: Section 350.3 - General.

350.3 General. (a) Any person has the right to make application for that form of public assistance or care that he believes will meet his needs. The applicant himself, any adult member of his family, or any person acting in his behalf, including relative, friend, other agency or institution shall have the right to make application.

(b) All applications shall be processed promptly. The date of application shall be the date of receipt by the social services official of a signed completed application on the State-prescribed form. While documentation is required for the determination of eligibility it shall not be a prerequisite to filing an application.

(c) A personal interview with the applicant or a designated representative is required in all cases to establish eligibility for public assistance. Interviews must ordinarily be scheduled within seven working days, except when there is indication of emergency need, in which case the interview must be held at once.


VOLUME A (Title 18)