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Title: Section 351.20 - Determination of continuing eligibility.


351.20 Determination of continuing eligibility. (a) Continuing eligibility for public assistance shall be established by investigation and documentation at specified intervals and the process shall be known as recertification, which shall include a reevaluation and reconsideration of all variable factors of need and other factors of eligibility.

(b) In connection with periodic redetermination of eligibility, the social services district shall:

(1) require that the recipient complete the State-prescribed form and submit appropriate supporting data;

(2) determine the need for additional information from the recipient and/or collateral sources;

(3) interview the recipient in a face-to-face interview, in order to verify factors of eligibility, including those related to:

(i) identity of recipient;

(ii) domicile of recipient;

(iii) family composition;

(iv) rent payment or cost of housing;

(v) income from any source;

(vi) savings or other resources;

(vii) lawful residence in the United States, if the recipient is an alien;

(4) make appropriate collateral investigation, as required, where the recipient is unable to secure documentation of the above factors and any additional factors of eligibility as required to establish continued eligibility;

(5) evaluate all the factual information gathered as to its completeness, relevancy and consistency;

(6) identify the factors of eligibility subject to change which call for prompt review of continuing eligibility; and

(7) advise the recipient of his continuing responsibility to keep the agency informed of changes in his circumstances.


VOLUME A (Title 18)