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Title: Section 351.26 - Good Cause.

Section 351.26. Good Cause. (a) An applicant for a recipient of public assistance is exempt from complying with any requirement concerning eligibility for public assistance if the applicant or recipient establishes that good cause exists for failing to comply with the requirement. Except where otherwise specifically set forth in any provision of this Title, good cause for failure to comply with an eligibility requirement exists when:

(i) the applicant or recipient has a physical or mental condition which prevents compliance;

(ii) the applicant's or recipient's failure to comply is directly attributable to social services district error; or

(iii) other extenuating circumstances, beyond the control of the applicant or recipient, exist which prevent the applicant or recipient from being reasonably expected to comply with an eligibility requirement.

(b) The applicant or recipient is responsible for notifying the social services district of the reasons for failing to comply with an eligiblity requirement and for furnishing evidence to support any claim of good cause. The social services district must review the information and evidence provided and make a determination of whether the information and evidence supports a finding of good cause.



VOLUME A (Title 18)