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Title: Section 355.1 - Responsibility of social services agency to provide

Section 355.1 Responsibility of social services agency to provide information to applicants and recipients. (a) Each local social services department shall give information concerning the following to every person who inquires about or applies for public assistance or care:

(1) the eligibility requirements for public assistance or care;

(2) the legal responsibility of the applicant or recipient to give the social services official complete information about his property, his earnings, his relatives, and any other resources which might affect his eligibility;

(3) the method of computing a public assistance grant or determining eligibility for care;

(4) the right to complain to the State department when dissatisfied with the local decision, and the right to appeal to the department and request a fair hearing;

(5) the right to appeal and to request a fair hearing is also extended to an applicant for home relief whose application is denied under the provisions of section 139-a of the Social Services Law; and

(6) the prohibition against discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, handicap or marital status under State and Federal law.

(b) In order to fully comply with the provisions of 45 CFR Part 84, which was issued to effectuate section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, each district must provide information in a manner that is accessible to blind or deaf applicants or recipients.

(c) Social services districts must provide all applicants for and recipients of public assistance whose households include a child(ren) five years of age or younger with information and a schedule regarding age-appropriate immunizations. Districts must also provide such applicants and recipients with information about eligibility for free vaccinations for children.



VOLUME A (Title 18)