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Title: Section 355.2 - Informational pamphlets.

355.2 Informational pamphlets. (a) General. To provide information about public assistance and care, each local department shall promptly give a copy of the appropriate informational pamphlet to each person who inquires or applies.

(b) Fair hearings. Information about fair hearings shall be given to applicants for and recipients of assistance under the following conditions and at the following times:

(1) at the time of application;

(2) upon denial of application or notification of intent to reduce or discontinue assistance;

(3) upon receipt of a complaint about or appeal of the local department's determination;

(4) upon receipt of a complaint concerning the alleged inadequacy of a grant;

(5) at the time of transfer or reclassification to another program administered by the same local department; and

(6) at the time of an increase in assistance.

(c) Public distribution. Pamphlets shall be made available to community agencies and to individuals in any way which will increase public understanding of the public-assistance programs and fair-hearing process.



VOLUME A (Title 18)