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Title: Section 356.1 - Definitions.

Section 356.1 Definitions. (a) Inquiry. An inquiry is any request for information that does not constitute an application for public assistance or care and that does not come within the definition of a complaint as defined in subdivision (b) of this section.

(b) Complaint. A complaint is any written or oral communication made to a social services district or the department by or on behalf of an applicant for or recipient of public assistance or care, other than a complaint for which there is a right to a fair hearing, or a communication from any other source directed or referred to the social services district or the department alleging, directly or indirectly, dissatisfaction with:

(1) the action or failure to act in a particular case;

(2) the manner in which a social services district generally handles its cases;

(3) the social services districts' facilities and services, or the manner in which it generally conducts its business;

(4) other facilities or services (public or private) employed by a social services district for providing care and services for its clients; or

(5) any other aspect of social services administration not mentioned in this section.



VOLUME A (Title 18)