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Title: Section 356.3 - Handling of complaints.

356.3 Handling of complaints. (a) Every complaint received shall be promptly acknowledged. If received by mail, acknowledgment may be either by letter or a home visit by a staff member. In acknowledging a complaint, the writer shall be informed that the letter or interview is in response to the communication.

(b) The substance of the complaint shall be reviewed and analyzed in relation to the case history or other office records in order to relate the social services district's knowledge of the past situation to the present problem as the complainant sees it and to determine the validity of the complaint.

(c) The social services district shall be responsible for reviewing its own activity and for making such additional investigation as may be necessary in order to determine what appropriate action is required.

(d) When a complaint has been referred by another agency and a report requested, the local social services department shall render such report with due regard to the confidential nature of social services records.

(e) When a complaint has been referred by the department to a social services district, a report shall be submitted within 20 days of the date of such request and shall cover fully all matters pertaining to the complaint. If the time limit cannot be met, an interim report shall be sent. The final report shall include:

(1) a statement that the complainant was informed the contact resulted from the complaint;

(2) facts in possession of the social services district and any additional information requested by the department or essential to its understanding of the case; and

(3) any action taken by the social services district and whether the complainant is satisfied with the explanation provided him.



VOLUME A (Title 18)