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Title: Section 358-5.1 - Notice of fair hearing.

358-5.1 Notice of fair hearing. (a) Except for hearings which are given priority in scheduling in accordance with section 358-5.2 of this Subpart, at least 10 calendar days prior to the date of the fair hearing, a written notice of the fair hearing will be sent by the department to the appellant, appellant's authorized representative and to the social services agency.

(b) The fair hearing notice will state the following:

(1) the date, time and place of the fair hearing and an explanation of how and when a change in the date and place of the fair hearing may be requested, and under what circumstances a hearing will be rescheduled if neither the appellant nor the appellant's representative appears at the hearing;

(2) whether public assistance, medical assistance, food stamp benefits or services must be continued unchanged;

(3) the appellant's right upon request to necessary transportation or to transportation expenses to and from the fair hearing for the appellant and the appellant's authorized representatives and witnesses and for payment of the appellant's necessary child care costs and for any other necessary costs and expenditures related to the fair hearing;

(4) the appellant's right to be represented at the fair hearing by legal counsel, a relative, friend or other person or to represent oneself, and the right to bring witnesses to the fair hearing and to question witnesses at the hearing;

(5) the right to present written and oral evidence at the hearing;

(6) that the appellant should bring the notice of fair hearing to the hearing as well as all evidence that has a bearing on the case such as books, records and other forms of written evidence, and witnesses, if any;

(7) the appellant's right to review appellant's case record prior to and at the fair hearing;

(8) the appellant's right upon request to obtain copies of documents which the social services agency will present at the fair hearing and copies of other additional documents for the purpose of preparing for the fair hearing; and

(9) the right of a deaf or non-English speaking appellant to interpreter services at the fair hearing at no charge; and

(10) the issues which are to be the subject of the hearing.



VOLUME A (Title 18)