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Title: Section 358-5.8 - Media admission to fair hearing.

358-5.8 Media admission to fair hearing. (a) The media may be admitted to a fair hearing where the appellant has made a specific waiver of appellant's right to confidentiality both in writing and on the record and has clearly and unequivocally confirmed on the record that the appellant desires and consents to the presence of the media. The waiver must be unqualified, complete, and made with full knowledge of the ramifications of the waiver, including that the waiver is irrevocable.

(b) Where a waiver has been secured in accordance with subdivision (a) of this section, the extent of any access to be granted to the media is to be determined at the discretion of the hearing officer. In determining the extent of such access, the hearing officer will consider the following:

(1) maintenance of proper hearing decorum;

(2) potential disruption to the proceedings;

(3) adverse effect on witnesses;

(4) impediments to the making of a proper and accurate record;

(5) the physical space and conditions of the hearing room;

(6) potential disruption to the hearing officer, including impediments to the hearing officer's ability to discharge responsibilities; and

(7) any other factor which, in the discretion of the hearing officer, is necessary to ensure the orderly and proper conduct of the hearing and the creation of a complete and accurate hearing record or which is necessary in order to protect confidential information where, confidentiality cannot be waived by the appellant.



VOLUME A (Title 18)