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Title: Section 358-5.9 - Fair hearing procedures.

358-5.9 Fair hearing procedures. (a) At a fair hearing concerning the denial of an application for or the adequacy of public assistance, medical assistance, HEAP, food Stamp benefits or services, the appellant must establish that the agency's denial of assistance or benefits was not correct or that the appellant is eligible for a greater amount of assistance or benefits. Except, where otherwise established by law or regulation, in fair hearings concerning the discontinuance, reduction or suspension of public assistance, medical assistance, food stamp benefits or services, the social services agency must establish that its actions were correct.

(b) The fair hearing decision must be supported by and in accordance with substantial evidence.

(c) Technical rules of evidence followed by a court of law need not be applied. Irrelevant or unduly repetitious evidence and/or cross-examination may be excluded at the discretion of the hearing officer. Privileges recognized by law will be given effect.

(d) Any written record or document or part thereof to be offered as evidence may be offered in the form of a reproduction or copy where such reproduction or copy is identified satisfactorily as a complete and accurate reproduction or copy of the original material.



VOLUME A (Title 18)