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Title: Section 358-6.2 - Decision without hearing.

358-6.2 Decision without hearing. (a) Upon the commissioner's own motion or upon request of an appellant in cases in which there is no material issue of fact to be resolved, a decision may be issued without a hearing. The determination to issue a decision without a hearing rests solely within the discretion of the commissioner.

(b) A request for a decision without a hearing must be accompanied by sufficient information to enable the commissioner to ascertain whether any unresolved material issue of fact exists, and should contain a full and clear statement of the issues and of the appellant's position on these issues.

(c) When the commissioner determines that a decision without hearing is appropriate, the commissioner will send the request for a decision without hearing, or the request for a hearing, along with any supporting documents to the social services agency involved. Within 10 business days of receipt of these documents, the social services agency must forward to the commissioner, the appellant, and the appellant's representative, a response containing sufficient information to ensure resolution of the dispute.

(d) Within 10 business days of the receipt of the documents submitted by the social services agency, the appellant or authorized representative may submit comments or rebuttal to the commissioner with copies to the other parties.

(e) At any point after a request for a decision without a hearing has been made, if it appears that there is a material and unresolved issue of fact relating to the issue or issues upon which the hearing was requested, the appellant and the social services agency will be informed that a fair hearing will be scheduled upon notice to all parties.

(f) A decision without a hearing will be issued by the commissioner based upon the papers submitted in accordance with this section.



VOLUME A (Title 18)