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Title: Section 360-1.3 - Brief overview of eligibility.

360-1.3 Brief overview of eligibility. (a) As a general rule, a person who is eligible for the home relief, aid to dependent children, or supplemental security income programs or who is a recipient of foster care maintenance payments or adoption assistance payments under title IV-E of the Social Security Act is eligible for medical assistance. In addition, certain other categories of people are eligible for medical assistance if their income and resources are insufficient to meet the cost of necessary medical care and supplies. Some of these categories include persons under the age of 21, persons 65 years of age or older, pregnant women, persons who are certified blind or certified disabled, and persons who would be eligible for aid to dependent children if they have less income or resources. A complete list of eligible groups is found in section 360-3.3 of this Part.

(b) Types of services provided under the medical assistance program. The medical assistance program provides payment for medically necessary services and supplies. These include: the services of qualified physicians, dentists, optometrists and nurses; laboratory, physical therapy and X-ray services; care in hospitals and residential health care facilities; home health and personal care services; and supplies such as drugs, eyeglasses, prosthetic appliances and other medical or surgical supplies. Complete lists of covered care, services and supplies are found in Parts 505 through 510 of this Title.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)