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Title: Section 360-2.7 - Termination of MA; notification of discontinuance.

360-2.7 Termination of MA; notification of discontinuance. (a) When a social services district determines that a recipient is no longer eligible for MA, MA will be terminated. The effective date of discontinuance will be the date the recipient becomes ineligible, or a later date if necessary in order to provide the recipient with timely notice of the discontinuance, as required by section 358-3.3 of this Title. Except as limited by the provisions of this subdivision, the effective date of discontinuance may be any day during the month.

(b) The social services district must send a notice of discontinuance on a State-prescribed form to an MA recipient if it determines that the recipient has become ineligible for MA. The notice of discontinuance must be adequate, as defined in section 358-2.2 of this Title.

(c) If the recipient's MA benefits are being stopped for the same reason that his/her ADC or HR benefits are being stopped a single notice may be sent advising the recipient of both actions. The notice must separately and adequately advise the recipient of the proposed discontinuance of MA.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)