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Title: Section 360-2.8 - Right to a conference.

360-2.8 Right to a conference. An MA applicant/recipient who disagrees with a decision of the social services district concerning his/her case may request a conference, as described in Part 358 of this Title. At the conference the applicant/recipient will meet with a district representative having the authority to change the district's decision. The district representative will review the district's decision, answer any questions the applicant/recipient has, and will consider any information the applicant/recipient presents. A request for a conference is not a request for a fair hearing and does not entitle the applicant/recipient to aid continuing pending the outcome of the conference. The applicant/recipient may still request a fair hearing, even if a conference has been requested. However, the deadline for requesting a fair hearing will remain the same whether or not a conference is requested.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)