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Title: Section 361.10 - Referrals to, and monitoring of, services and assistance.

361.10 Referrals to, and monitoring of, services and assistance. (a) Referrals. The case manager and case management staff must perform the activities necessary to ensure the adolescent is referred and has access to the services and assistance providers to which the adolescent chooses to be referred in order to receive help in maintaining and strengthening family life and attaining or retaining the capability for maximum selfsupport and personal independence. Such activities may include, as appropriate to the adolescent's needs, capabilities and desires:

(1) informing the adolescent of the name and location of available services and assistance providers, the nature and types of services or assistance available from the providers, the hours the providers operate, and the providers' application requirements;

(2) assisting the adolescent to apply for needed services and assistance, including obtaining necessary application forms and instructions, assisting the adolescent to complete required forms, assisting the adolescent to obtain required documentation and evaluations, scheduling appointments or other preapplication interviews, notifying services or assistance providers that the adolescent has been referred for services or assistance, making arrangements for the adolescent to obtain child care, and accompanying the adolescent on interviews. The case manager and case management staff also may assist any other appropriate individual in applying for needed services and assistance which will help the adolescent attain his or her goals;

(3) participating in case conferences with the services and assistance providers identified in the adolescent's personal plan to coordinate services and assistance delivery and to eliminate any scheduling or other problems; and

(4) arranging for such transportation as is necessary to ensure the adolescent's access to needed services and assistance, provided the transportation is not otherwise available to the adolescent and that its provision is necessary for the adolescent to attain a goal identified in his or her personal plan.

(b) Monitoring. The case manager must monitor referrals made on behalf of the adolescent in order to: ensure the adolescent receives the services and assistance which the adolescent needs as identified in his or her personal plan, help the adolescent resolve problems which prevent or reduce access to needed services or assistance, make alternative arrangements when needed services or assistance are denied or otherwise unavailable, and determine how effective the services and assistance providers are in helping the adolescent to maintain and strengthen family life and/or to attain or retain the capability for maximum self-support and personal independence. If the adolescent's personal plan incorporates the services and assistance needs of other individuals, such as the person with whom the adolescent has intimate and continuous social contact and/or the parent of the adolescent's child(ren) and/or the adolescent's family members, then the case manager also must monitor referrals made on behalf of such individuals.

(c) Denied or unavailable services or assistance. If an adolescent is denied the services or assistance for which he or she was referred, or such services or assistance are unavailable to the adolescent, the case manager must make

appropriate inquiries to determine the reasons for the denial or unavailability. The case manager also must take any action necessary, or document any unsuccessful attempt, to have the providers furnish such services or assistance to the adolescent or to find alternative providers who can meet the adolescent's needs. The case manager and case management staff may participate in meetings with services and assistance providers and adolescent pregnancy networks and consortia to obtain better overall coordination and availability of, and to identify and remove barriers to, the services and assistance needed by pregnant, parenting, and at-risk adolescent public assistance recipients.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)