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Title: Section 361.2 - Administrative requirements.

361.2 Administrative requirements. (a) Case management plans.

(1) Submission of plans. Each social services district must develop, in consultation with the director of its income maintenance program and staff of other divisions or agencies as appropriate, a plan for performing the case management activities described in this Part. A social services district must submit its case management plan to the department for approval in a format and at a time specified by the department.

(2) Amending plans. A social services district may propose amendments to those provisions of its approved case management plan which are within its discretion by submitting a consolidated services plan or annual implementation report amendment to the department for review and approval.

(b) Performing case management activities. A social services district may perform case management activities or may purchase such activities from other local public agencies and/or nonprofit agencies and organizations. If a social services district chooses to purchase case management activities, the district must designate in its case management plan the agency or agencies the district will authorize to perform case management activities. Irrespective of whether a social services district chooses to perform case management activities directly or to purchase such activities from an agency, the district is responsible for ensuring that potentially eligible adolescents are identified and referred to case management staff for case management activities and that the case management activities and recordkeeping required by this Part are performed satisfactorily.

(c) Staffing. Primary responsibility for performing case management activities must be given to case managers. Case managers must have the education, experience, training and/or knowledge in the areas necessary to assess the needs and capabilities of, and to assist, pregnant, parenting and at-risk adolescents to access the services and assistance needed to maintain and strengthen family life and to attain or retain the capability for maximum self-support and personal independence, including but not limited to the areas of adolescent development, adolescent sexuality, and effective interviewing techniques. A social services district must indicate in its case management plan the position specifications for case managers. Paraprofessional staff and volunteers may be used as case management staff to assist the case managers and may perform those activities which are appropriate based on their training and experience.

(d) Submission of information. Each social services district must submit to the department information regarding the performance of case management activities in such form and at such time as specified by the department.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)