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Title: Section 361.7 - Initial contacts.

361.7 Initial contacts. (a) Method. Case management staff must contact each referred adolescent who potentially is eligible for case management activities in order to arrange an initial interview and needs assessment. The initial contact may be made by letter, telephone or personal visit.

(b) Scheduling the initial interview. The initial interview and assessment must occur within 30 calendar days from the date the adolescent is referred to case management staff for case management activities. Case management staff must make reasonable attempts to schedule the initial interview at a place and time convenient to the adolescent, taking into consideration that the adolescent's access to transportation and child care may be limited.

(c) Confirming the initial interview. Regardless of how the initial contact was made, the case manager must provide the adolescent with a written confirmation of the initial interview within a reasonable amount of time prior to the interview date so that the adolescent has sufficient notice of the scheduled interview. The confirmation must include information regarding: the purpose, time, date and location of the initial interview; the voluntary nature of the activities; any arrangements made for necessary child care and transportation; and the name and telephone number of the individual the adolescent should contact regarding any questions about the case management activities, any assistance needed in making child care or transportation arrangements, or rescheduling the interview.

(d) Recontact. Case management staff must recontact an adolescent who fails to respond to the initial contact, or who is unavailable for the initial interview, for the purpose of rescheduling the initial interview so the interview will occur within 30 calendar days from the date the adolescent was referred to case management staff for case management activities or as soon thereafter as possible.

(e) Refusal to participate. If the adolescent, without explanation or cause, again fails to contact the case manager or is unavailable for the rescheduled interview, then the case manager may, but is not mandated to, consider such failure as a refusal by the adolescent to participate in case management activities.

(f) Record of referred cases. Case management staff must maintain a log or other record containing information about the adolescents referred for case management activities. The social services district may use a format for this record which best meets the district's purposes. The record must include, but need not be limited to: the name of the referred adolescent; identifying information about the adolescent, such as his or her client identification number, public assistance case number, social security number and date of birth; the source and date of the referral to case management staff for case management activities; the method and date of the initial contact to arrange an initial interview and needs assessment; and the referral's disposition, including, as appropriate, whether the case was opened or the reasons for determining the adolescent was ineligible for case management activities or the reasons the adolescent gave for refusing to participate in such activities.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)