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Title: Section 368.7 - Special category requirements

Effective Date


Section 368.7 Special category requirements. (a) Blindness. (1) Blindness shall be established by the New York State Commission for the Visually Handicapped in accordance with department regulations.

(2) Where there is presumption that any applicant for AABD is legally blind, an eye examination shall be completed and the findings reported to the Commission for the Visually Handicapped except where the person's physical or mental condition makes such examination impracticable.

(b) Disability. (1) An applicant for or a recipient of public assistance who is already receiving OASDI disability benefits shall be certified as AD by the local social services district upon documentation of his OASDI status; or

(2) The determination and certification of permanent and total disability shall be made by the review team on a review and evaluation of the medical and social data referred to the review team on the forms prescribed for that purpose.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)