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Title: Section 368.9 - Determination of grant and its payment.

368.9 Determination of grant and its payment. (a) Allowances and grants to the aged, blind or disabled shall be determined and payments shall be made in accordance with applicable department regulations.

(b) Grants to a child or minor who is blind or disabled shall be made as follows:

(1) A grant for a blind child or minor under age 18 who is not emancipated, shall be made to a related adult member of the household who is caring for the child.

(2) A grant for an emancipated minor shall be made directly to the minor unless he is physically or mentally unable to handle the grant. In such case, a protective payment shall be made in accordance with department regulations.

(3) Grants to cases receiving vocational rehabilitation services from Vocational Rehabilitation Service or Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. A social services district shall grant or continue AABD assistance to an eligible applicant or recipient during the period such individual is receiving vocational rehabilitation services from VRS or OVR, insofar as need for assistance is not caused by or increased by the program of rehabilitation. Such assistance shall not include the allowance provided by the rehabilitation agency to cover the cost of vocational services, which may include physical restoration services, training opportunities, necessary books and tools, and other related services required for the purpose of restoring, developing or improving the working ability of handicapped persons. When a person is in receipt of such services and AABD, cooperative planning shall be entered into by the two agencies based on the following principles:

(i) The social services district, which is granting AABD to an individual applying for or receiving vocational rehabilitation services, shall continue the grant during the period he is receiving training, provided he remains otherwise eligible.

(ii) When the vocational rehabilitation program requires the recipient to reside out of district or out of State, AABD assistance shall be continued as long as the recipient remains in training and is otherwise eligible.

(iii) In instances where there is no duplication of shelter costs because of the new residence plan required by the rehabilitation services, the shelter item shall be included in the grant.

(iv) Upon notification that the recipient has been accepted for vocational rehabilitation services, the social services official shall provide that agency with a detailed statement of the current grant and of any subsequent change during the training period.

(v) If the recipient who is in training requires medical treatment or hospitalization not directly connected with the treatment of conditions which directly affect the employability of the recipient; this shall be provided under MA.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)