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Title: Section 373.1 - General.

Section 373.1 General. (a) Refugee cash assistance (RCA). The RCA program is a Federal program that provides cash assistance to refugees and Cuban/Haitian entrants eligible under this Part in order to assist them to achieve self-sufficiency as soon as possible. The RCA is administered through the social services district in which a refugee or entrant resides.

(b) Relationship to other regulations of the department. To the extent consistent with this Part, regulations of the department governing public assistance will apply to RCA. Such regulations include Part 349

(general provisions), Part 350 (application), Part 351 (investigation and eligibility), Part 352 (standards of assistance), Part 355 (information pamphlets; notification of decisions), Part 356 (inquiries and complaints), Part 357 (confidential nature of records) and Part 358

(fair hearings).

(c) Definitions.

(1) "Employability plan" means an individualized written plan for a refugee or entrant registered for employment services that sets forth a program of services intended to result in the earliest possible employment of the refugee or entrant.

(2) "Employable" means not exempt from registration for employment services set forth in subdivision (b) of section 373.6 of this Part.

(3) "Family self-sufficiency plan" means a plan that addresses the employment-related service needs of the employable members in a family for the purpose of enabling the family to become self-supporting through the employment of one or more family members.

(4) "Filing unit" means the individual or individuals whose needs are considered in determining eligibility for, and the amount of, a payment of RCA for which Federal funding is claimed.

(5) "Household" means the individual or individuals living in a housing unit.

(6) "Refugee medical assistance" (RMA) means medical assistance provided under Article 5 of Title 11 of the Social Services Law to refugees who are otherwise ineligible under Part 360 of this Title for medical assistance and who have resided in the United States for less than an eight month period from initial entry into the United States. RMA provides the same services, in the same manner and to the same extent, as is provided by the medical assistance program.

(7) "Registrant" means an individual who has registered for employment services set forth in subdivision (a) of section 373.6 of this Part.

(8) "Service provider" means a public or private community agency that has entered into a contract with the department to provide employment services to recipients of RCA.



VOLUME A-1 (Title 18)