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Title: Section 4-1.8 - Inspection and certification

Effective Date


4-1.8 Inspection and certification.

(a) Inspection.

(1) All owners of cooling towers shall ensure that such towers are inspected prior to seasonal start-up and at intervals not exceeding every 90 days while in use. Year-round towers shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding every 90 days and prior to start-up, following maintenance.

(2) All inspections shall be performed by a: New York State licensed professional engineer; certified industrial hygienist; certified water technologist; environmental consultant or water treatment professional with training and experience performing inspections in accordance with current standard industry protocols including, but not limited to ASHRAE 188-2015, as incorporated by section 4-1.4 of this Subpart.

(3) Each inspection shall include an evaluation of the:

(i) cooling tower and associated equipment for the presence of organic material, biofilm, algae, debris and other visible contaminants;

(ii) general condition of the cooling tower basin, remote sump, packing material, and drift eliminators;

(iii) water make-up connections and control, including backflow protection and/or airgaps as needed;

(iv) proper functioning of the conductivity control; and

(v) proper functioning of all water treatment equipment, including, but not limited to, pumps, timers, valves, and strain gauges.

(4) Any deficiencies found during inspection shall be reported to the owner for immediate corrective action. A person qualified to inspect pursuant to subdivision (a) of this section shall document all deficiencies, and all completed corrective actions.

(b) Certification. By November 1, 2016, and by November 1st of each year thereafter, the owner of a cooling tower shall obtain a certification from a person identified in subdivsion (a) of this section, that such cooling tower has a maintenance program and plan, and that all activities within that plan or required by this Subpart were implemented, including but not limited to:

(1) all bacteriological culture sampling and analysis;

(2) all Legionella culture sampling and analysis, including any immediate Legionella culture sampling and analysis performed pursuant to paragraphs (b)(3) and (b)(4) of section 4-1.4 of this Subpart;

(3) any disinfection performed pursuant to section 4-1.7 of this Subpart; and

(4) all inspections performed pursuant subdivision (a) of this section.

(c) Reporting. All inspection findings, deficiencies, and corrective actions, and all certifications, shall be reported to the owner, who shall retain such information, in accordance with section 4-1.9 of this Subpart.

Statutory Authority

Public Health Law, section 225(5)(a)


VOLUME A (Title 10)