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Title: Section 40-1.30 - Maintenance of effort

Effective Date


Section 40-1.30 Maintenance of effort

(a) A local health department shall maintain public health programs and services and gross expenditures for those services at “base year” levels, as defined below.

(b) The base year shall be the most recent local health department fiscal year for which the local health department has filed all quarterly claim forms with the department.

(c) Maintenance of effort shall be monitored by the department throughout the fiscal year.

(d) Adjustment to State Aid reimbursement shall be made when a local health department reduces its expenditures beneath the amount expended in its base year. State Aid shall be reduced by the percentage reduction in expenditures between the base year and the current fiscal year. When calculating the amount by which a local health department has reduced its expenditure, the Commissioner shall exclude extraordinary expenditures of a temporary nature, such as disaster relief; unavoidable or justifiable program reductions, such as a program being subsumed by another agency; or expenditures for which the local health department can demonstrate to the Commissioner’s satisfaction that the need for the expenditure no longer exists.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)