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Title: Section 40-1.41 - Withholding of State Aid

Effective Date


Section 40-1.41 Withholding of State Aid

(a) State Aid may be withheld, in whole or in part, if the commissioner determines, upon program review, that:

(1) core public health services were not performed in accordance with this Part, Article 6 of the Public Health Law, or the approved application for State Aid; or

(2) the local health department has not made every reasonable effort to collect fees for services set forth in section 40-1.51 of this Part.

(b) If, after notification that State Aid will be withheld pursuant this section, the local health department provides written justification within 60 days why such action is not warranted that is satisfactory to the commissioner, the commissioner may, within his or her discretion, adjust or cancel the withholding of State Aid.

(c) If the commissioner withholds funds pursuant to this section, the amount withheld shall be based on the cost of providing the missing or inadequate services by another agency or by the State.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)