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Title: Section 40-1.51 - Fees and revenue; services for which fees are charged

Effective Date


Section 40-1.51 Fees and revenue; services for which fees are charged

(a) Environmental health services. Each local health department must charge a fee for the granting of a permit, inspections and other services prerequisite to the issuance of a permit:
X-ray and radioactive materials (authorized programs only)Food service establishments (all types)Camps and recreation facilitiesIndividual water and sewerageRealty subdivisionsMobile home parksCommunity and noncommunity water systemsTanning facilities
Bathing beaches
Swimming pools
Recreational aquatic spray grounds
Temporary residences (hotels/motels/bungalow colonies/cottage colonies, cabins)
Mass gatherings and public functions
Children’s camps
Agricultural fairgrounds
Migrant farm worker housing
Multipurpose recreational facility
Plan review

(b) Clinic health services. Where third-party reimbursement is not available, the local health department shall charge a fee for the following clinic health services, regardless of whether such services are provided directly or by contract. Subject to subdivision (b) of section 40-1.52 of this Part, where third-party reimbursement is available, the local health department shall ensure that every reasonable effort is made to collect such reimbursement and any relevant co-payments.

Sexually transmitted diseases, consistent with Public Health Law § 2304
HIV counseling, testing, diagnosis and prevention
Family planning
Prenatal and postpartum care
Primary care for children less than 21 years of age;

(c) Tuberculosis control. Fees for clinical health services related to tuberculosis control shall be governed by Part 43 of this Title.

(d) Rabies control. Local health departments shall make every reasonable effort to collect third-party reimbursement for the clinical health services for rabies control, when such services are provided by the local health department.

(e) Nothing in this section shall be deemed as prohibiting local health departments from charging fees for other public health services.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)