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Title: Section 40-1.52 - Fees and revenue; calculation

Effective Date


Section 40-1.52 Fees and revenue; calculation

(a) For all fees, the calculation of fees shall be based on the cost to the municipality of providing the service and shall not exceed the cost to the local health department of providing the service for which the fee is to be charged.

(b) For those clinic health services for which a fee is authorized, the fee to the individual shall be based upon the ability of the recipient to pay. A sliding fee schedule shall be established for this purpose and made available to all recipients of service.

(c) The local health department may request the commissioner’s approval to waive fee assessments, based on documentation that charging a fee would create a substantial barrier to obtaining the public health service. The commissioner's decision on whether or not to grant such waivers shall be conclusive.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)