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Title: Section 40-2.23 - Immunization; performance standards

Effective Date


Section 40-2.23 Immunization; performance standards

The local health department shall maintain a program designed to minimize the occurrence and transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases. The program shall include, at a minimum, activities to ensure:
(a) compliance with all statutes and regulations concerning immunization applicable to local health departments, including but not limited to:

(1) Public Health Law § 613, concerning programs of immunization for children;

(2) Public Health Law § 2164, concerning vaccination of school children against certain diseases;

(3) Public Health Law § 2165, concerning vaccination of post-secondary students against certain diseases;

(4) Public Health Law § 2168 concerning the New York Statewide Immunization Information System (NYSIIS);

(5) Subpart 69-3 of this Title, concerning pregnant women, testing for Hepatitis B, and follow-up care;

(b) disease surveillance for vaccine preventable diseases, in accordance with Part 2 of this Title;

(c) assistance with and follow-up on school immunization surveys;

(d) educational efforts in the community, including:

(1) collaboration and communication with healthcare providers and schools to maintain required immunization levels in schools; and

(2) public health marketing and communication, including developing or adapting public education materials or campaigns, and promoting and disseminating such materials or campaigns, to increase awareness of diseases and the control measures required to prevent the spread of disease;

(e) coordination with medical providers and laboratories to encourage and advise them to conduct recommended diagnostic testing in the event of a disease outbreak; and

(f) engagement in quality assurance activities with providers in the community to improve immunization practices, including but not limited to, improving compliance with the NYSIIS reporting requirements, as applicable.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)