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Title: Section 40-2.40 - Community health assessment; performance standards

Effective Date


Section 40-2.40 Community health assessment; performance standards

Local health departments shall work with community partners to conduct a Community Health Assessment (“Assessment”) and a Community Health Improvement Plan (“Plan”). Together, the Assessment and Plan shall include, at a minimum:

(a) an analysis of secondary data and, where available, primary data on health status and demographics;

(b) a description of the demographics of the population of the jurisdiction served by the local health department,

(c) a description of the health issues of the population, the distribution of health issues, and the contributing causes of the health challenges based on the data analyzed,

(d) the identification of priority areas for health improvement based on valid criteria;

(e) a description of public health services in the community and other resources that can be mobilized to improve population health, particularly in the priority areas;

(f) improvement strategies and measurable objectives through which the municipality and its community partners will address areas for health improvement and performance targets that will be used to track progress toward improvement of public health outcomes;

(g) methods by which access to the reports is to be provided to interested stakeholders including hospitals, nursing homes, medical societies, libraries, schools, government facilities, or other agencies and other organizations; and

(h) a description of the community partners that participated in the development of the community health assessment and improvement plan and their roles in the plan.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)