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Title: Section 403.6 - Responsibilities of Home Care Services Workers

Effective Date


Section 403.6 Responsibilities of Home Care Services Workers.

(a) Home care services workers have the following responsibilities:

(1) Workers must retain in good order their certificate of successful completion of training and display it to a prospective employer when requested;

(2) If a worker discovers that a training program or entity incorrectly entered information regarding the worker in the registry, the worker must provide corrected information, including any verification of the change that may be requested, to the training program or entity;

(3) If any information required for the registry changes, the worker must inform the program or entity of the changes and provide verification of the change as requested by the program or entity;

(4) If a worker changes his or her name, the worker must provide proof of the name change to the program or entity. The program or entity will change the worker's name in the registry and must retain a copy of the proof submitted in the entity's permanent records. Appropriate proof of change of name includes copy of a certificate of marriage, decree of divorce, or other court order authorizing a person to change his or her name.


VOLUME C (Title 10)