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Title: Section 405.23 - Food and dietetic services

405.23 Food and dietetic services. The hospital shall have an organized dietary department that is directed and staffed by an adequate number of qualified personnel. The hospital shall ensure that each patient's dietary needs are considered and correlated with physician's orders and with the patient's overall health status and that quality nutritional care is provided to patients.

(a) General. (1) The hospital food and dietetic services, including cafeterias and snack bars, shall be operated in conformance with the sanitary requirments of Part 14 (Service Food Establishments) of Chapter I (State Sanitary Code) of this Title.

(2) Nutritional needs of patients shall be met in accordance with recognized dietary practices and in accordance with orders of the practitioner or practitioners responsible for the care of the patients.

(b) Organization. The department shall be directed on a full-time basis by an individual who, by education and specialized training or experience, is knowledgeable about food service management.

(1) The director shall be responsible to the chief executive officer or his/her designee for the daily management of the dietary services, including quality food production, service and staff supervision and management.

(2) The director shall ensure that:

(i) overall coordination and integration of the therapeutic and administrative aspects of dietetic services are maintained; and

(ii) the quality, safety and appropriateness of the dietetic department/service functions are monitored, evaluated and that appropriate actions based upon findings are taken.

(3) The director shall ensure that relevant orientation and inservice education programs are conducted for dietetic personnel and, as appropriate, for other hospital personnel that shall include, at a minimum, personal hygiene, safety and infection control requirements and proper methods of waste disposal.

(4) The director shall be responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures concerning the scope and conduct of dietetic services which include:

(i) nutritional care policies and procedures which are developed by a qualififed dietitian;

(ii) personal hygiene and health of dietetic personnel; and

(iii) infection control measures to minimize the possibility of contamination and transfer of infection.

(5) A dietitian, full-time, part-time or on a consultant basis shall supervise the nutritional aspects of patient care and assure that quality nutritional care is provided to patients.

(6) Dietetic services shall be provided by a sufficient number of administrative and technical personnel competent in their respective duties.

(c) Diets. There shall be a systematic record of diets and menus, consistent with the physician's orders which meet the needs of the patients.

(1) Therapeutic diets shall be prescribed by the practitioner or practitioners responsible for the care of the patients.

(2) A current therapeutic diet manual approved by the dietitian and medical staff shall be readily available to all medical, nursing and food services personnel.


VOLUME C (Title 10)