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Title: Section 407.8 - Medical/professional staff

Effective Date


407.8 Medical/professional staff.

(a) The Medical/Professional staff of the PCH/CAH shall consist of at least one doctor of medicine or osteopathy and may also include licensed dentists and other qualified personnel as defined in subsection (g) of section 407.1 of this Part and as determined to be appropriate by the governing body to provide approved services in accordance with their respective qualifications and patient needs.

(b) For purposes of this section, the term "medical staff", as used in section 405.4 of this Title, may refer to the medical/professional staff of a PCH/CAH.

(c) For the conduct of its medical/professional staff, PCHs/CAHs shall comply with the provisions of section 405.4 of this Title. In addition to such requirements, PCHs/CAHs shall:

(1) ensure that members of the emergency medical/professional staff have successfully completed the necessary course work and training for basic cardiac life support or advanced cardiac life support, have received their credentialing from the hospital and are available on-site at all times during posted hours of operation;

(2) ensure that a system is in place to provide for the ongoing oversight and direction by a physician of all professional staff in accordance with applicable practice acts and regulations;

(3) if the hospital is a member or a rural health network, develop a system in which network medical/professional staff participate and collaborate to provide consultation, assistance with medical emergencies, and patient referrals; and

(4) ensure that at least one doctor of medicine or osteopathy is available by radio or phone, and one is on standby as a backup for consultation and patient referral assistance, on a 24 hour a day basis except that CAHs shall ensure that physicians are present for sufficient periods of time to provide the necessary and appropriate medical direction, medical care services, consultation, and supervision of hospital health care staff in accordance with patient needs.


VOLUME C (Title 10)