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Title: Section 408.1 - Definition

Effective Date


Section 408.1 Definition. (a) A "central services facility rural health network (CSFRHN)" shall be a not-for-profit corporation established pursuant to article 28 of the Public Health Law, and representative of health care providers within the network through board representation, membership and written agreements or any combination thereof, for the purpose of operating a rural health network. Such network board shall also include representatives of the general public residing in the area served by the central services facility rural health network.

(1) A CSFRHN may plan, and upon approval of its network operational plan by the Commissioner of Health, coordinate, provide or arrange for the provision of health care services to residents of the rural area served by the network, and may also perform administrative services for providers participating in the network pursuant to such network operational plan.

(i) At a minimum, the health care services provided or arranged for by a CSFRHN shall include acute care, comprehensive primary care, and emergency care.

(ii) A CSFRHN may provide or arrange for such other medical, public health or health related services for which it or any affiliated provider has received all requisite approvals.

(2) Administrative services performed on behalf of participating providers must be provided in accordance with all applicable requirements, including subdivision (f) of section 405.3, subdivision (d) of section 600.9 and section 400.4 of this Title, and may include, but need not be limited to, emergency medical services training, credentialing, payroll, purchasing and billing services, recruitment of qualified professionals, oversight and support of the network's communication, medical transportation, quality assurance, risk management, peer review, electronic data sharing, managed care systems oversight, performance of studies, planning, and solicitation and acceptance of grants. Such services shall be provided when necessary to effectuate the purposes of the CSFRHN and only pursuant to written agreement between the parties.

(b) Service Area. CSFRHNs shall serve a specified rural area as identified in its network operational plan. Rural areas are defined as any county with less than two hundred thousand persons or any town which has a population of less than two hundred persons per square mile, or, if approved by the Commissioner, any town which has a population of less than two hundred fifty persons per square mile.

(i) The service area of a CSFRHN shall encompass only the towns for which the network can assure the availability of at least the minimum services defined in subparagraph (i) of paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of this section.

(ii) Providers located outside of a CSFRHN service area may participate in a network if determined by a CSFRHN to be capable of serving the residents of such rural area comprising the CSFRHN's service area and agree in writing to comply with the provisions of the network's operational plan. Residents of a service area are not precluded from obtaining services from providers that are not affiliated with a network.


VOLUME C (Title 10)