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Title: Section 410.3 - Service approval and physical space

Effective Date


410.3 Service approval and physical space. (a) A request for approval of a proposal for a scheduled short term care service shall be subject to a limited review pursuant to the provisions in clause (c) of subparagraph (iv) of paragraph (5) of subdivision (c) of section 710.1 of this Title. Letters of request shall include any information relating to costs for construction or hiring of new staff associated with this proposal.

(b) The addition of up to two beds to be used exclusively for scheduled short term care, shall not be counted within the State certified bed capacity of the facility and shall be exempt from the provisions of section 709.1 (Determination of Public Need Pursuant to Section 2802 of the Public Health Law) and section 709.3 (Residential Health Care Facility Beds) of this Title.

(c) The spaces and equipment shall meet the applicable standards of construction set forth in Parts 711 or 713 of Subchapter C of this Title.


VOLUME C (Title 10)