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Title: Section 415.16 - Rehabilitative services

Effective Date


415.16 Rehabilitative services. Facilities shall provide or obtain rehabilitative services such as audiology, speech therapy, speech-language pathology, and occupational therapy for every resident it admits in accordance with the resident's comprehensive plan of care to obtain or maintain the highest practicable physical well-being in accordance with generally accepted standards of rehabilitative care and services.

(a) Provision of services. If specialized rehabilitative services are required in the resident's comprehensive plan of care, the facility shall:

(1) provide the required services; or

(2) obtain the required services from an outside resource, in accordance with Section 400.4 of this Title, who is a provider of specialized rehabilitative services.

(b) Qualifications. Specialized rehabilitative services shall be provided by qualified personnel pursuant to the written order of a physician.

(c) Organization. The facility shall designate an occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech-pathologist to assist the facility in the development and implementation, in cooperation with nursing and medical services, of written policies and procedures for rehabilitative services within the facility which:

(1) establish restorative and maintenance rehabilitation as components of inter-disciplinary resident care planning and treatment;

(2) establish a system of determining rehabilitative goals for each resident based on the resident's need relative to his or her physical and mental level of functioning, the overall plan of care for the resident and the resident preferences. These treatment goals shall range on a continuum, progressing from all specialized restorative rehabilitative services to routine maintenance rehabilitation; and

(3) establish a system to monitor the maintenance of optimum levels of functioning for those residents who have been discharged from a formal rehabilitative program and who are on a maintenance program primarily provided by nursing staff on the floor.


VOLUME C (Title 10)