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Title: Section 415.20 - Laboratory and blood bank

Effective Date


415.20 Laboratory and blood bank. (a) Approved laboratory or blood bank. The facility shall provide for blood and laboratory services to meet the needs of its residents, pursuant to orders by authorized licensed practitioners, and shall be responsible for the quality and timeliness of such services:

(1) by promptly performing such services as the facility is licensed to provide directly under Subparts 58-1 and 58-2 of this Title, as appropriate, and, is certified to perform by the Medicare program; and

(2) by promptly arranging for an approved blood bank or laboratory service to perform such services as the facility may require, but not provide. Such services shall be obtained from entities approved under Subparts 58-1 and 58-2 of this Title, as appropriate, which are certified by the Medicare program to provide such services.

(b) Transportation. The facility shall assist the resident in making transportation arrangements to and from the source of laboratory or blood bank service, if the resident needs assistance.

(c) Records. The facility shall ensure that authenticated and dated reports of clinical laboratory and blood bank services are placed in the resident's clinical record.


VOLUME C (Title 10)