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Title: Section 415.21 - Radiology and other diagnostic services

Effective Date


415.21 Radiology and other diagnostic services. (a) The facility shall provide or obtain radiology and other diagnostic services to meet the needs of its residents pursuant to an order by an appropriate practitioner. The facility shall be responsible for the quality and timeliness of such services.

(1) The facility shall promptly perform such services as the facility is licensed to provide directly under Part 16 of this Title. The services shall be provided in accordance with generally recognized standards of care and services.

(i) The diagnostic radiology and other diagnostic services shall be free from hazards for residents and staff.

(ii) Personnel. A qualified full-time, part-time, or consulting physician, who is qualified by education and experience in radiology, shall supervise the ionizing radiology services and shall interpret those tests that are determined by the governing body, and the medical director, to require such physician's specialized knowledge. Upon recommendation of such qualified physician, the medical director shall designate the practitioners and staff, in accordance with Part 89 of this Title, who may use the radiologic equipment, administer procedures and interpret test results.

(iii) Records. Records of diagnostic radiologic services shall be maintained.

(a) The practitioner who performs radiology services shall prepare and authenticate reports of his or her interpretations.

(b) The facility shall maintain for at least six years or three years after a resident who is a minor reaches the age of majority (18) films, scans, and other image records which have not been incorporated into the resident's clinical record.

(2) The facility shall promptly arrange for ordered radiology and other diagnostic services which the facility is not licensed to provide. Such services shall be obtained from entities approved under Part 16 of this Title and which are certified by the Medicare program.

(b) The facility shall:

(1) promptly notify the ordering practitioner of the results of radiologic and other diagnostic services.

(2) assist the resident, if needed, with transportation arrangements to and from the source of services.

(3) file in the resident's clinical record authenticated and dated reports of diagnostic radiology and other diagnostic services.


VOLUME C (Title 10)