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Title: Section 415.28 - Disclosure of ownership

Effective Date


415.28 Disclosure of ownership. The nursing home shall make available pertinent information concerning the identity of the owner and/or governing body and in addition shall:

(a) comply with the provisions of subdivision (b) of section 401.3 of this Title regarding any proposed changes in the name of a business, corporation, partnership or governmental subdivision and any proposed initial use of, or change in, an assumed name of a business corporation, not-for-profit corporation, partnership, governmental subdivision or sole proprietor, operating a medical facility or fundraiser under Article 28 of the Public Health Law, or any proposed substitution of the individual or individuals constituting the governing body or owner of a proprietary medical facility or any proposed change in the rights, privileges or obligations of any such person;

(b) comply with the provisions of section 600.11 of this Title regarding Name Changes of Operators and Medical Facilities;

(c) provide written notice to the Department, at the time of change, if a change occurs in the nursing home's administrator or director of nursing; and

(d) ensure that the notice provided in accordance with subdivision (c) of this section includes the identity of each new individual.


VOLUME C (Title 10)