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Title: Section 420.2 - Approval to provide services

Effective Date


420.2 Approval to provide services.
(a) Existing Article 28 facilities not providing specialized HIV primary care services may receive approval from the Department to provide a CAHP. Such facilities seeking such approval may submit to the Commissioner a request as required by section 710.1(c)(3) of this Title.
(b) Existing Article 28 facilities providing or arranging for specialized HIV primary care services prior to the effective date of this Part may apply to the Department for certification as a CAHP. Such application shall demonstrate the facility's current capability to provide or arrange for all care and services required by this Part.
(c) Facilities providing CAHP services intending to add additional services, including the direct provision of additional CAHP services as described in this Part, shall apply to the Department for approval to add such additional services pursuant to section 710.1(c)(5)(iv)(c) of this Title.


VOLUME C (Title 10)