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Title: Section 43-1.1 - Definitions

Effective Date


Section 43-1.1 Definitions.

(a) A tuberculosis case shall mean a person diagnosed as having disease caused by M. tuberculosis determined by bacteriological evidence of tuberculous disease or a significant reaction to a mantoux tuberculin test and clinical or roentgenographic evidence of current disease.

(b) A person with tuberculosis infection shall mean a person diagnosed as having a significant reaction to the mantoux tuberculin test in the absence of clinical, roentgenographic or bacteriological evidence of tuberculous disease.

(c) A suspect shall mean a person suspected of having either tuberculosis infection or disease, (including a person who has been in close contact with a tuberculosis case) for whom diagnostic procedures have not been completed and who may or may not be receiving treatment. A person shall not be classified as a tuberculosis suspect for longer than 60 days.

(d) A tuberculosis contact shall mean a person who has been in close association with a suspect or tuberculosis case for a length of time sufficient to become infected with M. tuberculosis by breathing contaminated droplets.

(e) A provider shall mean any facility, agency or organization authorized to furnish tuberculosis health care services under Article 3, 28, 36 or 44 of the Public Health Law, or a licensed and registered physician.

(f) A tuberculosis patient shall mean a person who is a tuberculosis case; a tuberculosis suspect; or has a tuberculosis infection; and who has been accepted or admitted into care by a provider.

(g) Tuberculosis health care services shall mean diagnostic procedures, care, and treatment for tuberculosis patients furnished by a provider.

(h) Local health official shall mean the Commissioner of Health or public health administrator of a county or part county health district, the Commissioner of Health of the City of New York, the county health director or other appropriate health officer designated by the legislative body of each county or the corresponding authority of the City of New York to be responsible for providing or securing tuberculosis care and treatment, pursuant to section 2202 (1) of the Public Health Law.

(i) A state or local charge shall mean those persons defined as such in section 2200 (4) and (5) of the Public Health Law.

(j) Third-party payer shall mean Medicare, workers' compensation, medical assistance in accordance with the Social Services Law, the Veterans Administration, health and other insurers and indemnitors or other third parties by whom diagnosis, care and treatment hereunder is payable.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)