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Title: Section 43-1.12 - Limitations on State aid

Effective Date


43-1.12 Limitations on State aid.

(a) No State aid is available to local health officials or providers for tuberculosis health care services which do not meet the terms of this Subpart or:

(1) if payment of a claim is available from any other third-party payer which equals or exceeds the per diem rate or fee for services;

(2) for tuberculosis health care services for persons listed in subdivision (b) of section 43-1.3 of this Subpart; or

(3) for services for which payment by a local health official is not required under this Subpart.

(b) If a local health official pays a provider more than it was responsible to pay under section 43-1.9 of this Subpart, State aid shall not exceed the amount that would have been due if the local health official had so limited payment in accordance with said section.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)