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Title: Section 43-1.2 - Responsibility for tuberculosis care and treatment

Effective Date


43-1.2 Responsibility for tuberculosis care and treatment. The local health official, where a tuberculosis patient or contact resides or is found, shall provide or secure tuberculosis health care services needed by such person. Upon notification of a tuberculosis case or suspect, the appropriate local health official shall be responsible for immediately determining if other persons may have become infected with tuberculosis by the case or suspect, and shall perform those duties and responsibilities identified in Part 2 of the State Sanitary Code. The local health official shall provide or secure health care services needed for all cases or suspects found.

The local health official shall initiate preventive measures, to prevent the spread of infection or development of disease.

If a case or contact resides outside of the geographic jurisdiction of the local health official to which he or she has been reported, the local health official shall transfer copies of all materials concerning that case or contact to the local health official with jurisdiction.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)