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Title: Section 441.132 - Fixed assets

441.132 Fixed assets. (a) Assets of a relatively permanent nature held for continuous use in hospital operations and not intended to be converted into cash through sales.

(b) A balance sheet classification denoting capital assets other than intangibles and investments in affiliated companies or other long-term investments.

(c) Included in the usual fixed-asset categories are land (from which the flow of services is seemingly permanent), land improvements, buildings, fixed equipment, tools, leasehold improvements, major movable and minor movable equipment; generally excluded are goodwill, patents, and other intangibles. The characteristic fixed asset has a limited life (land is the one important exception), and, in organizations where expenses are accounted for, its cost, less estimated salvage at the end of its useful life, is distributed over the periods it benefits by means of provisions for depreciation.


VOLUME C (Title 10)