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Title: Section 441.212 - Net square feet

441.212 Net square feet. Gross square feet of a building less common areas. To determine net square feet, the number of square feet in each cost center of the hospital may be determined either by a physical measurement of the hospital or by a measurement from blueprints. Floor area measurements should be taken from the center of walls to the center of adjoining corridors if a hallway services more than one cost center. Exclude stairwells, elevators, and other shafts, commonly used (lobbies, etc.) and idle areas. Idle areas are those areas that are closed off or unused for a period of time. Hallways, waiting rooms, storage areas, etc., serving only one cost center should be included in that cost center. The effect of using only usable space in the allocable floor area is to allocate the nonproductive space (commonly used and idle area) among the cost centers in the ratio of space used.


VOLUME C (Title 10)